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David McAdam Freud
Contemporary Artist | Isle of Wight Gallery

David McAdam Freud

David McAdam Freud Contemporary Artist 
2011 "Losing Lucian" Meller Merceux Galleries - deathbed portraiture and 'stone impressions'.
2012 "Portraits" launched with a talk at Oxford University.
2014 "10 dresses for a 10-year-old girl" Aidan Meller Galleries, Worthing Museum and Art Gallery & St Paul's made in collaboration with Debbi Mason and Univerity of Arts London.
2016 "Our nature" St. Paul's, Worthing Museum & Art Gallery, Constable's Studio, Brighton
2017 Retrospective. Dantzig Gallery, Woodstock, The Oxfordshire Museum, Soldiers of Oxfordshire, Art of Conflict.
2014-2019 Artist in Residence, Worthing Museum & Art Gallery
2020 "Oranges & Lemons" St Paul's
2021 "That doggy in the #WoodstockWindow" The 4 children of Lucian Freud and Katherine McAdam were given the tools of painting by our mother as a way to unwind, perhaps unravel and represent what happened that day. The eldest, Jane, was the only one never to veer from the path of art, becoming a celebrated sculptor before revealing to anyone who our father was. We were known by our mother’s surname as she, with Lucian’s mother, Lucie’s blessing moved from Paddington to a Roehampton council estate to avoid having more children with Lucian. I won a London Schools art competition at age 3 but as I grew I learned to hide my artistic talent alongside my Freud heritage. Eventually, all four siblings became artists, each in our right by struggling with our mixed blessings. Coming from a family of artists and therapists, commerce was a form of adolescence for me. I ‘succeeded’ in business to the extent that I forgot where my heart lay and it took the ending of a painful relationship in 2003 for me to work in art and therapy full-time. For 8 years, I exhibited in small local galleries and shows, retraining while volunteering with the Samaritans, helping charities such as WADARS by creating their new logo. My first major solo show was in 2011. I had made Ouidinaarde and Aubusson tapestry cartoons inspired by my mother’s dress designs for West End theatres and my love and idealisation of nature but my father died. My work became the work of grieving, it’s stone impressions the result of my smashing my anger and frustration into canvas, My paintings and my show inevitably became about him. My work generated publicity worldwide, sold out and has increased in price in each subsequent exhibition. Because the Isle of Wight Gallery specialised in works under £10,000, it affords me the opportunity to be contemporary in as much as that allows me to introduce new styles. If I am a new voice in art, sometimes this voice is quiet, not good enough, ashamed of being a council kid, unworthy of praise and scared of being an over-inflated idiot. My voice is loudest when I’m courageous, spontaneous, and confidently creating fresh work using techniques I am happily ignorant of. I am most sincere when speaking of soul purpose, painting secret animals into fields, allowing the viewer’s imagination to honour nature and envisage growth into the beings we are born to become.

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I am creating semi-figurative landscapes that bring me immense joy.

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